C# - FreeBSD にインストール - インストール - pkg

1. 概要
2. インストール

1. 概要

 FreeBSD 上で、Eclipse と mono を使ってみたくてインストールします。  ports で懲りたので、pkg ならば少しは時間が短縮できるかと期待。

2. インストール

pkg install mono
 pkg はコンパイルなどの手間がないので、やはり速い。  ものの数分で終わりました。  インストール時のメッセージは気になるのでメモしておきます。

Message from mono-

If you have build/runtime errors with Mono and Gtk# apps please try the
following first:

* Build Mono and gtk+ (x11-toolkits/gtk20) without CPUTYPE and with the
  default FreeBSD CFLAGS ('-O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe') as Mono has
  been known to expose compiler bugs.

* Try building and running Mono with the GENERIC kernel.
  - Mono requires SYSVSHM, SYSVMSG, and SYSVSEM which are part of the
    GENERIC kernel.
  - Removing kernel options or changing defaults to use experimental
    options can adversely affect Mono's ability to build and run.

* Remove leftover semaphores / increase semaphore limits.
  - Close apps which use Mono and run `ipcs -sbt`.  Remove the
    semaphores with MODE "--rw-------" and NSEMS "8" using ipcrm (1)
  - _OR_ simply reboot which is the safest method.
  - On multi-user systems the semaphore limits may need to be increased
    from the defaults. The following should comfortably support 30 users.

    # echo "kern.ipc.semmni=40" >> /boot/loader.conf
    # echo "kern.ipc.semmns=300" >> /boot/loader.conf

* If you are in a jailed environment, ensure System V IPC are enabled.
  You can rely on the security.jail.sysvipc_allowed  sysctl to check
  this status.  The following enables this feature on the host system:
    # echo "jail_sysvipc_allow=\"YES\"" >> /etc/rc.conf

* Some process information are accessed through /proc (e.g. when using
  NUnit) and procfs(5) has to be mounted for these features to work:
    # echo "proc            /proc   procfs  rw 0 0" >> /etc/fstab