Openbox - 共通事項 - メニュー - obmenu-generator - カテゴリ名日本語化

1. カテゴリ名日本語化

1. カテゴリ名日本語化


vi ~/.config/obmenu-generator/


# obmenu-generator - schema file

=for comment

    item:      add an item inside the menu               {item => ["command", "label", "icon"]},
    cat:       add a category inside the menu             {cat => ["name", "label", "icon"]},
    sep:       horizontal line separator                  {sep => undef}, {sep => "label"},
    pipe:      a pipe menu entry                         {pipe => ["command", "label", "icon"]},
    file:      include the content of an XML file        {file => "/path/to/file.xml"},
    raw:       any XML data supported by Openbox          {raw => q(xml data)},
    begin_cat: beginning of a category              {begin_cat => ["name", "icon"]},
    end_cat:   end of a category                      {end_cat => undef},
    obgenmenu: generic menu settings                {obgenmenu => ["label", "icon"]},
    exit:      default "Exit" action                     {exit => ["label", "icon"]},


#    * Keys and values are case sensitive. Keep all keys lowercase.
#    * ICON can be a either a direct path to an icon or a valid icon name
#    * Category names are case insensitive. (X-XFCE and x_xfce are equivalent)

require "$ENV{HOME}/.config/obmenu-generator/";

## Text editor
my $editor = $CONFIG->{editor};

our $SCHEMA = [
        {sep => "ArcoLinux"},
    {item => ['exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator', '端末',          'terminal']},
    {item => ['exo-open --launch FileManager',      'ファイルマネージャ',      'file-manager']},
    {item => ['exo-open --launch WebBrowser ',      'ブラウザ',       'webbrowser-app']},
    {sep => undef},

     #          NAME            LABEL                ICON
    {cat => ['utility',     'アクセサリ', 		'applications-utilities']},
    {cat => ['development', '開発', 			'applications-development']},
    {cat => ['education',   '教育',   			'applications-science']},
    {cat => ['game',        'ゲーム',       	'applications-games']},
    {cat => ['graphics',    'グラフィックス',   'applications-graphics']},
    {cat => ['audiovideo',  'マルチメディア',  	'applications-multimedia']},
    {cat => ['network',     'ネットワーク',     'applications-internet']},
    {cat => ['office',      'オフィス',      	'applications-office']},
    {cat => ['other',       'その他',       	'applications-other']},
    {cat => ['settings',    '設定',    			'gnome-settings']},
    {cat => ['system',      'システム',     	'applications-system']},

    {sep => undef},

    {pipe => ['am-conky-pipemenu',  'Conky',        'conky']},

    {begin_cat => ['環境設定', 'theme']},

        {item => ['nitrogen',                               'Nitrogen',         	'nitrogen']},
        {item => ['lxappearance',                           'Lxappearance',         'theme']},
        {item => ['system-config-printer',                  '印刷',              	'printer']},
        {item => ['xfce4-settings-manager',                 'Xfce4 設定マネージャ', 'preferences-desktop']},

        {sep => undef},

        {pipe => ['am-compositor',      'Compositor',      'compton']},
        {begin_cat => ['Openbox', 'openbox']},
            {item => ["$editor ~/.config/openbox/menu.xml",     'Edit menu.xml',                 'text-xml']},
            {item => ["$editor ~/.config/openbox/rc.xml",       'Edit rc.xml',                   'text-xml']},
            {item => ["$editor ~/.config/openbox/autostart",    'Edit autostart',                'text-xml']},
            {sep => undef},
            {item => ['obmenu3',                                'GUI Menu Editor',               'theme']},
            {item => ['obconf',                                 'GUI Config Tool',               'theme']},
            {item => ['obkey',                                  'GUI Keybinds',                  'theme']},

            {sep => undef},
            {item => ['openbox --restart',                      'Restart Openbox',               'openbox']},
            {item => ['openbox --reconfigure',                  'Reconfigure Openbox',           'openbox']},
        {end_cat => undef},
        {pipe => ['am-tint2-pipemenu',  'Tint2',        'tint2']},
        {item => ['tint2conf',          'Tint2 GUI',    'tint2conf']},

        {sep => undef},

        {pipe => ['am-kb-pipemenu',                'Display Keybinds',                  'cs-keyboard']},

        {begin_cat => ['Obmenu-Generator', 'menu-editor']},
                {item => ["$editor ~/.config/obmenu-generator/", 'Menu Schema', 'text-x-source']},
                {item => ["$editor ~/.config/obmenu-generator/", 'Menu Config', 'text-x-source']},
                #{sep  => undef},
                #{item => ['obmenu-generator -p',       'Generate a pipe menu',              'menu-editor']},
                #{item => ['obmenu-generator -s -c',    'Generate a static menu',            'menu-editor']},
                #{item => ['obmenu-generator -p -i',    'Generate a pipe menu with icons',   'menu-editor']},
                #{item => ['obmenu-generator -s -i -c', 'Generate a static menu with icons', 'menu-editor']},
                {item => ['python ~/', 'メニュー更新',                      'menu-editor']},
                {sep  => undef},
                {item => ['obmenu-generator -d',       'Refresh Icon Set',                  'gtk-refresh']},
        {end_cat => undef},

    {end_cat => undef},

    {sep => undef},
    {item => ['arcolinux-logout',              'スクリーンロック',          'lock']},
    {item => ['arcolinux-logout',              '終了',                      'exit']},

 上記は、「ArcoLinux 20.07.5」に書き換えました(2020年9月1日)。  87~92行は、メニューの更新を次ページに紹介する「」で更新するようにしました。  どうも「~/」がうまく機能していないので、絶対パスで記述しないとうまくいかないかもしれません。  100~101行は、「ArcoLinux 19.12.15」時点では、下記のように記述していました。

    {item => ['slimlock',                      'スクリーンロック',	'lock']},
    {item => ['oblogout',                      '終了',              'exit']},