DNS - トラブルシュート - nsd-4.2.4 → 4.3.0 起動できない

1. 概要
2. pkg で代用

1. 概要

> pkg version -vl "<"
nsd-4.2.4                          <   needs updating (index has 4.3.0)

> portupgrade -Rr nsd

> service nsd restart
Stopping nsd.
Waiting for PIDS: 25015.
Starting nsd.
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/nsd: WARNING: failed to start nsd

[2020-03-19 08:07:56.513] nsd[30073]: notice: nsd starting (NSD 4.3.0)
[2020-03-19 08:07:56.513] nsd[30073]: notice: listen on ip-address (udp) with server(s): *
[2020-03-19 08:07:56.513] nsd[30073]: notice: listen on ip-address (tcp) with server(s): *
[2020-03-19 08:07:56.513] nsd[30073]: error: setsockopt(..., SO_SETFIB, 0, ...) failed: Bad address
[2020-03-19 08:07:56.513] nsd[30073]: error: server initialization failed, nsd could not be started

2. pkg で代用

cd /usr/ports/dns/nsd
make deinstall clean
make install
 してみても、同様の結果になりました。  仕方ないので

cd /usr/ports/dns/nsd
make deinstall clean

> pkg install nsd
Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
FreeBSD repository is up to date.
All repositories are up to date.
The following 8 package(s) will be affected (of 0 checked):

New packages to be INSTALLED:
        nsd: 4.2.3
        py27-Babel: 2.7.0
        py27-asn1crypto: 0.24.0
        py27-cffi: 1.13.2
        py27-pygments: 2.4.1
        py27-six: 1.12.0
        py27-sphinx: 1.6.5_2,1
        py27-urllib3: 1.25.6,1

Number of packages to be installed: 8

The process will require 52 MiB more space.
8 MiB to be downloaded.

Proceed with this action? [y/N]: y
[1/8] Fetching nsd-4.2.3.txz: 100%  381 KiB 390.2kB/s    00:01

・・・	略	・・・

[7/8] Installing nsd-4.2.3...
===> Creating groups.
Using existing group 'nsd'.
===> Creating users
Using existing user 'nsd'.
[7/8] Extracting nsd-4.2.3: 100%
[8/8] Installing py27-sphinx-1.6.5_2,1...
[8/8] Extracting py27-sphinx-1.6.5_2,1: 100%
Message from py27-urllib3-1.25.6,1:

Since version 1.25 HTTPS connections are now verified by default which is done
via "cert_reqs = 'CERT_REQUIRED'".  While certificate verification can be
disabled via "cert_reqs = 'CERT_NONE'", it's highly recommended to leave it on.

Various consumers of net/py-urllib3 already have implemented routines that
either explicitly enable or disable HTTPS certificate verification (e.g. via
configuration settings, CLI arguments, etc.).

Yet it may happen that there are still some consumers which don't explicitly
enable/disable certificate verification for HTTPS connections which could then
lead to errors (as is often the case with self-signed certificates).

In case of an error one should try first to temporarily disable certificate
verification of the problematic urllib3 consumer to see if that approach will
remedy the issue.
Message from nsd-4.2.3:

To run nsd from startup, add nsd_enable="YES" to your etc/rc.conf

   Starting with nsd version 4 the old nsdc control program has been
   replaced by nsd-control. This requires some manual setup with
   nsd-control-setup and editing of the config files.

   nsd-control is incompatible with nsdc so when that is used in scripts,
   these should be adapted

> service nsd start
Starting nsd.
 これで、無事、起動はできました。  思うに、「nsd」は、「py27-Babel」等に依存しているようで。  わたしは、現在(2020年3月19日)、「python37」を使用しているので、依存するものがなかったのかしら・・・。  当分、「nsd」をアップグレードするのは控えておかないといけないのかな・・・。